Family Support

Success to positive progression of our young people starts with the close links and trusting relationships that we as a school create with our young person’s family. All our members of staff work closely with parents and other services to ensure that we have a collaborative approach towards each young persons needs.

“Tony was referred to the school via Autism Outreach Intensive Support. The school staff had reached their end, where the behaviour of the child in question was unmanageable and was affecting other children. Tony and his team worked with the staff on techniques to handle various behaviours...this support has had a huge impact on the child’s behaviour by the way staff (teachers and support staff) and family members have learnt different strategies…The knowledge that Tony or one of his team can be called upon for advice is invaluable to all involved. I would be happy to answer any further questions on the support received”
Louise Freeman (Head Teacher St. Clare’s Primary School, Coalville)

“Since being with High Impact we have seen a massive change in the way he deals with situations...he is learning through High Impact ways of dealing with issues that he finds stressful in a more appropriate way. I feel the support staff offers him is always very calm and consistent…We feel that he is being given the greatest social opportunities that he will need to help him through life as both a child but also into adulthood....As a family we have received very positive advice and support from High Impact and no problem has ever been too small to discuss and find a way to work together to support our child in his educational and social needs.”
Linda (Parent)


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